June – November 2015.
Marking the 100th anniversary of Yitzkhok Leybush Peretz’s death.

PERECJADA is a series of educational and artistic events, organized to remind of the legacy and the significance of the Jewish writer – Yitzkhok Leybush Peretz, and – in a wider perspective – to broaden the awareness about the Yiddish culture and its connections with Poland. The occasion for it is the 100th anniversary of Peretz’s death, observed in 2015, as well as the International Academic Conference: “I. L. Peretz and His Circle”, organized in Warsaw and in Zamość in September of this year.
100 years after Peretz’s death, not only do we want to remind others about this outstanding writer, but we also wish to look anew at his creative work and search for new ways to perceive it and interpret it. Also, taking into account the environment of Jewish writers, Yiddish language and social activists, which he helped to mould in his literary salon in Ceglana street nr 1. And – in a broad sense, the impact he made on the modern Yiddish culture, which got inspired by the accomplishments of the European literature, art, theatre and music.

August 30, 4 pm, Teatr Żydowski (The Jewish Theater) in Warsaw,

The Alien Bird”, a word and sound journey based on Peretz’s story, performed in Yiddish and Polish by Anna Rozenfeld and Dorota Liliental, with live music played by Raphael Rogiński.

September 3, 6 pm, “Following the Steps of Peretz – The Nomadic Archive”, a performative action, created and conducted by Natalia Romik. The meeting point: Jewish Cemetery, Okopowa 49/51.

During a walk through the Warsaw city space the artist will commemorate all the places essential for Peretz’s life and activities. Documents, plans and photographs and other memorabilia will be presented by means of a portable, “invisible” archive.

September 4, 7 pm, Shabbat Evening with Peretz.

Following the tradition of famous Shabbat evenings at Peretz’s home in Ceglana Street, where the Jewish scholars and artists gathered to discuss and get inspired, we would like to recreate that atmosphere and meet one another in a more informal way to share a meal and a nice discussion.

The meeting will be held at a private home. All of you who are willing to take part are kindly requested to confirm your participation by September 1st at the e-mail address:

September 5, 6 pm, Peretz’s Street – A Walk.

Meeting point: Peretz’s Street (ul. Pereca) at the corner of Al. Jana Pawła II

The walk will be conducted by Paweł Brylski.

Ceglana Street, where Peretz used to live, was entirely different at the turn of the 19th and 20th century in comparison to the present Peretz’s Street (named so in the fifties). During the walk we will explore the architectural and ideological transformations that took place in that part of Warsaw.

September 7, 5 pm, “A Trip into the Future”/ “A rayze in der tsayt”*. A performative reading of Peretz’s story in Yiddish.

An event, being a part of the program of the Conference, will take place at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Interpreted by Anna Rozenfeld and Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota,  with live music played by SzaZa – Paweł Szamburski & Patryk Zakrocki.

* Titled “Powrót do przysłości”/”A Trip into the Futere” in the Conference program.

September 8, 8 pm, “Unusual Visitor”. A performative reading of Peretz’s story “ Sore Bas Toyvim”.

 An event, being a part of the program of the Conference, will take place at the “Synagoga” Center in Zamość.

Interpreted in Yiddish by Anna Rozenfeld and Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota,  with live music played by violinist Róża Ziątek-Czarnota.

Organisers: Foundation PCA (Fundacja Promocji Sztuki Współczesnej) & Polish Association for Yiddish Studies (Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Jidyszystycznych)

Curator of the Project: Anna Rozenfeld (PAYS/PTSJ)

Please check this links for the news about the events:


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